Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flood- round #2 (and hopefully the final round!)

Ok- maybe I need to be more careful with the title of my posts!  I did NOT mean that the flood was fun and that I wanted to live through it again.  Well, 2.5 weeks after the first flood, we flooded again.  This time we had over 2 FEET of water in the basement and garage.  Luckily we didn't have too many things in the basement.  But there was our deep freezer and our washing machine.  Also, we had moved our shoes and Dan's (clean) power tools back in there.  We had to purchase a new washing machine, have the furnace serviced again (this time the control board was damaged) and we aren't sure if the deep freezer is working at this point.  Oh and the insurance company considered our car a total loss, so we're currently car shopping!

If this wasn't enough, the day after the flood Hannah got her first bloody nose.  She tried to climb onto the bean bag that was sitting on the couch (my fault!)  I moved the bean bag and everything off the floor so I could vacuum and forgot to put it back.  We were outside dealing with the cleaning our wet/muddy things all day.  We came in and I started working on dinner while the kids played in the living room.  I heard a thud and ran to the living room (which is right off the kitchen.)  There was blood everywhere.  It was crazy!  Thankfully I got her calmed down and the bleeding slowed pretty quickly.  She was back to her happy, dancing, singing self in no time.  :)

We've been pretty busy with the flood cleanup, so we haven't done too many fun things.  I hope that we can get back to normal soon, and get a car- then we can do some fun stuff!!

Another thing I thought of that we lost in the flood was our whole lot of potatoes that we grew in our garden... very sad.  We also lost half our onions in the first flood.

The water in the basement...

The aftermath that is our driveway.

The lovely sinkhole that was left in our front yard.  The borough did cover it, but we had to tell them it needed to be covered.  (Although they told me that the entire ground around it is ready to fall at any moment....)

We did have a bright spot in the last couple of weeks- Noah got baptized!!  He looked so grown up.

Our first family picture!

Hannah, Noah and their cousin Meava.  What a cute bunch!

Thanks for letting me ramble, I'm sure this post doesn't make much sense.
So I will sign off for now and leave you with these...

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