Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flood- round #2 (and hopefully the final round!)

Ok- maybe I need to be more careful with the title of my posts!  I did NOT mean that the flood was fun and that I wanted to live through it again.  Well, 2.5 weeks after the first flood, we flooded again.  This time we had over 2 FEET of water in the basement and garage.  Luckily we didn't have too many things in the basement.  But there was our deep freezer and our washing machine.  Also, we had moved our shoes and Dan's (clean) power tools back in there.  We had to purchase a new washing machine, have the furnace serviced again (this time the control board was damaged) and we aren't sure if the deep freezer is working at this point.  Oh and the insurance company considered our car a total loss, so we're currently car shopping!

If this wasn't enough, the day after the flood Hannah got her first bloody nose.  She tried to climb onto the bean bag that was sitting on the couch (my fault!)  I moved the bean bag and everything off the floor so I could vacuum and forgot to put it back.  We were outside dealing with the cleaning our wet/muddy things all day.  We came in and I started working on dinner while the kids played in the living room.  I heard a thud and ran to the living room (which is right off the kitchen.)  There was blood everywhere.  It was crazy!  Thankfully I got her calmed down and the bleeding slowed pretty quickly.  She was back to her happy, dancing, singing self in no time.  :)

We've been pretty busy with the flood cleanup, so we haven't done too many fun things.  I hope that we can get back to normal soon, and get a car- then we can do some fun stuff!!

Another thing I thought of that we lost in the flood was our whole lot of potatoes that we grew in our garden... very sad.  We also lost half our onions in the first flood.

The water in the basement...

The aftermath that is our driveway.

The lovely sinkhole that was left in our front yard.  The borough did cover it, but we had to tell them it needed to be covered.  (Although they told me that the entire ground around it is ready to fall at any moment....)

We did have a bright spot in the last couple of weeks- Noah got baptized!!  He looked so grown up.

Our first family picture!

Hannah, Noah and their cousin Meava.  What a cute bunch!

Thanks for letting me ramble, I'm sure this post doesn't make much sense.
So I will sign off for now and leave you with these...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flood and fun times

Yes, you read the title right.  Flood and fun times.

First the un-fun stuff.  Our basement and garage flooded one night a couple of weeks ago.  I knew it was storming because Hannah woke up and couldn't sleep, but the rain didn't sound any worse than we've had before so I didn't get up to check.  We didn't know anything had happened until we got up the next morning and a neighbor mentioned the crazy weather.  It sure was a mess in our basement!  (And there's still more to be cleaned!) 

All of our shoes used to be lined up along the wall below Bucky (yes, the deer has a nickname)... we found shoes way in the back room.  It must have been a crazy, swirling mess down there for the shoes to travel down the long hallway and into another room.  (And we slept through the entire thing.)  Most of the water was gone when we woke up.  But the mud and dirt were still there.

This picture just amazes me.  How one earth did this jar get off the shelf and filled with water, but never broke?!

Water level in the basement.

Water level in the garage.  Yes, it got into our car, but only the floors got wet.

Thank the Lord, our insurance company is covering the damages (due to the sump pumps we have in the garage!)  They sent a company that came, dried and cleaned the floors.  We are still waiting to hear whether the insurance company will pay to have someone remove and clean behind the paneling.  Hopefully we'll hear something soon.

Now on to the FUN times.  The kids!  They are truly the light of our lives.  Sure, parenting is hard, but hearing these two giggle together is just priceless.  They love each so much and truly have a lot of fun together.

Here's Noah showing off his new found love of standing.  He loves to stand all the time.  We all know where that leads.....to walking!!

He is quite the explorer too.

Hannah is loving our 'school time.'  Although, I admit that we don't do as much as I really would like to.  We are getting into a routine of sorts.  The basement fiasco did throw us a week behind, but we're back into it now.  We are mainly focusing on letters right now, which Hannah is picking up very quickly.  We start the week by introducing the letter, writing down a long list of all the words that we can think of that begin with that letter (including people we know) and coloring that letter.  Throughout the week we are enjoying books that we borrow from the library that start with the letter of the week.  At the end of the week we create a letter from Totally Tots Blog.  Hannah is really enjoying it so far.  I hope to start working on numbers too.  But I have to ease into it.  I am still trying to get everything organized.

Here she is doing her letter puzzle, which she finished in a few minutes with no trouble at all!

These are the letters we've made so far that I have pictures of.  I will post the others soon.  :)

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to my husband

"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice!"

I rejoice that the Lord created you.  You are a wonderful, caring person and I am glad that the Lord has given you to me.  You are a wonderful father who gives so much love and joy to our children.  You bring such joy to my life and I feel honored to call you my best friend.  I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday.  I love you.