Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We took Hannah to her first Easter Egg Hunt this year.  I think she enjoyed it, but it was hard to tell.  There was so much going on around her, that she was a little confused.  She didn't say much, but she got some candy, met the Easter Bunny and had her face painted.  It was a good day!  (Noah slept in the Moby wrap the entire time!)

Ready for the hunt to begin!  (My Mom made her this bunny basket last year)

After the goodies had been grabbed!

Meeting the Easter Bunny....

There were actually two!


Hannah did a mini obstacle course.  She had to crawl through a tunnel (her favorite part), jump through rings, bounce on a ball, ride a little scooter, and then hoola hoop (didn't happen!)  She really enjoyed it all.  Daddy helped her out.

For Easter I had the kids outfits custom made for them.  I got them here.  Jess does amazing work!  I really loved their outfits (and that they matched.)

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