Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Sister

I love this girl!  She's such a fun girl; loves to laugh, sing and dance.  Sure she's a typical 2 year old, but she's also a joy to be around.

She loves her little brother!  She loves to play with him and he loves to smile at her.  She gives him toys to play with, reads to him and even tries to get him to dance.

They have so much fun together.  It melts my heart to see them interacting.  It gives me such great joy to watch Hannah love on Noah.  She was so excited when I was pregnant and everyone said it would change once he was actually here.  No way!  She adores him.  She looks for him as soon as she gets up.  She tries to calm him when he cries.  She's like a second Mom for him.  :)  LOL.  A few weeks ago we were at the grocery store and I was wearing Noah in the Moby, he was sleeping, Hannah was sitting in the seat of the grocery cart.  We went down a couple aisles and then I saw a look of panic wash over her face.  She turned to the back of the cart and didn't see Noah's car seat.  She says "Noah and his car seat!"  She thought I forgot him!  I had to show her that Noah was actually right with Mommy sleeping, and then she smiled and calmed down.

A couple of our good friends have had babies recently.  We wanted to send them some goodies to welcome them into parenthood.  I love making cards, but don't have much time to sit down and be creative anymore.  I was determined to make them cards!  I gave Hannah her own stamps and ink pad and let her go (after covering the table with paper, of course!)  She seemed curious about the fancy scissors that I was using, so I got out a pair of children's scissors for her to try out.  She's a pro!

And I got my cards made!  I love how they turned out (simple, but cute.)

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